What We Do

First and foremost, we are furniture restoration experts that specialize in restoring furniture to its original elegance and prestige. It doesn't matter whether the damage is from normal wear and tear or due to fire or water damage, we can bring it back to life. We can also customize the look of a piece to give it that extra something, perfect for any renovation or decoration project.

We excel at our work because at Above and Beyond, our customers and the professional relationships we have with them are our #1 priority! We believe that taking care of people is the best path to success.





We take old, damaged, and forgotten furniture pieces and restore them to their original splendor, even pieces damaged by fire or flood.

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If you've ever decided to redecorate a space, you know the pain of needing new furniture to go with the new scheme. With our refinishing and customization service, we can make your existing furniture match a space at a fraction of the cost for buying new!

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